Community Safety and Outreach Unit


With a goal of creating a safer environment for all citizens of Hampden County, the District Attorney has created a Community Safety and Outreach Unit to establish various educational intervention and prevention programs with community partners and maintain collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams that have an emphasis on assisting high-risk youth or victims of violence, including women, children, elders and persons with disabilities. Of note are the following office initiatives:

Safe Driving Education Program:

Distracted driving on our highways is a public safety issue in Hampden County, as it is nationally. The District Attorney's Office has developed a safe driving education program to address this issue in a preventative manner, by educating teenage drivers about the consequences of substance abuse impaired driving and other risky behaviors that students engage in while driving, such as texting, speeding and failure to use a seat belt. A key, and effective, component of this program is the multi-media inclusion of actual cases, and the consequences which followed, as told by the offenders, investigators, victims and their survivors; some of whom address the students personally.