Forfeiture Funds for Community Safety

The District Attorney has initiated a program in Hampden County in an effort to create safer communities. The Forfeiture Funds for Community Safety is a program that will distribute some of the money collected by the District Attorney’s Office, through forfeiture proceedings, to qualified non-profit organizations focused on drug education, drug rehabilitation and other anti-drug or neighborhood crime watch programs.

MGL Ch. 94C § 47 (d) authorizes the District Attorney to expend forfeiture monies for such programs that further law enforcement purposes. Through this program the District Attorney hopes to assist organizations in their attempts to create safer community environments. It is the partnership of community organizations and law enforcement that fosters trust and cooperation among citizens.

Any program seeking consideration as an eligible recipient of these funds should complete the application. Funds will be awarded in the sole discretion of the Hampden District Attorney.

Download Application Here